May as well lick it..

Its still all very sombre here and quite rightly so, I don’t feel happy with moaning publicly right now so I thought I would share something with you that seriously annoys the fuck out of me for some light hearted humour..

I am a self confessed ‘germaphobe’ (which feeds my OCD which feeds my emetophobia which feeds my anxiety – that chain is nearly as big as the Human Caterpillar haha gross! anyway…) I don’t have an issue with colds its bodily fluid!!! although when shopping last week the cashier decided that the best way to start a conversation with me was by saying ‘I’m getting a cold‘.. a little shocked about her topic of conversation at first my head thoughts then went racing away – Well isn’t that bloody fantastic love, my day will be so much better for knowing that and you know what?, I’m trying to deal with my own shit here, a weeks worth of shopping with a two year old who is about to meltdown because her chosen sweets are about to get bagged which will then make me the worst mum ever – this is my priory right now, not making you feel better about your cold

So, bearing my disgust for bodily fluid in mind. When a cashier LICKS THEIR FINGER to open up a plastic carrier bag – OH MY FUCKING DAYS – you may as well get your tongue and lick the whole bag. It absolutely one hundred per cent grosses me out!! I actually want to SCREAM at them. Or ask them if they could now give me another bag without putting their wet DNA all over it!!…so far I have restrained myself from potential rudeness, but one day – its going to happen. There are some shops that have a sponge thingy that they can rub their finger on to make it moist and give enough friction to prize the plastic apart.. Good on you for doing that and its your shop that I want to shop in!

Much Love,

The Perfect Wannabe