What more could a Mum want?

I absolutely love my life and the people that are in it!

Never doubt that with anything I write. But (and I feel this is a big ugly selfish but!) but….. sometimes, I have these ‘wants‘ and that doesn’t mean I’m not happy or you’re not happy.. but I do wonder – what does it mean?

I feel so selfish in having these because I feel I should be happy with what I have got – and I am. I have pure raw love for my babies and they are the most precious things that I have in this world. I have a lovely home and a man who provides for us.


I’m going to list what I want so you can see how selfish I am.

I want..

Wild love
Me time
To feel beautiful

Now they are in no order, but a little bit of each would be preferred! Am I having some
Sort of midlife crisis? – I really don’t have he time for that nor the money! Ha.. Or do you think we sacrifice these when we become a Mum?

I don’t know, I’m just putting it out there in the massive hole of internet/webby space!

If anyone knows, please shed some light!

Much Love,

The Perfect Wannabe!