A sad day indeed..

If ever there was a day to be sad today is the day, they are taking our babies.

The attack last night saw mindless killings of people who had gone out for the night, to have a good time, to make memories. The attack showed me that these extreme terrorist groups show no discrimination as to whether these victims are young or old. I maybe rather foolishly thought that they would leave our children out of this – how was wrong was I.

My head and heart cannot even begin to understand the pain that the victims families must be feeling right now, the grief, the anger, the want for revenge? The ‘What-ifs’ playing around in their heads. The want¬†and need to have one more hug, one more kiss one more ‘I love you’… As a mother, these thoughts destroy me. I will send you my prayers tonight.

Manchester, hold strong. Our Kingdom is United and together we will support you.

Much more Love than ever,

Me and Mine.